Honeymoon Package
Rottnest Island
The island has accommodation for up to 2,850 visitors, while day-only visitors can number up to 5,000. Diving is a popular activity at Rottnest. Its varied limestone reef terrain, and plentiful fish make it a very interesting diving destination. In particular, diving for crayfish Western rock lobster, is popular among the locals in the summer months. The season opens on 15 November each year, and runs through until 30 June. A snorkel trail at Parker Point features underwater interpretative plaques that give information about the very unusual marine environments surrounding Rottnest. The island is the southernmost point along the Western Australian coastline at which coral grows and features historic buildings and pleasant beaches (all reachable via the many cycling tracks; cycling being the island's main mode of transport - private or hire cars are not allowed on the island).
Swan River
There are various sightseeing cruises offered on the Swan River, with a choice of dinner and dancing cruises. Ideal for a romantic honeymoon in Perth.

Kings Park
The best and most romantic place to view the skyline of Perth, especially at night.

Margaret River
One of the most romantic spots in Western Australia. Enjoy a lunch and then relax at one of the beautiful beaches nearby.

Explore the caves, cliffs, beaches and bays around Albany, WA. Many fine spots for picnic and hiking by the sea.